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The easiest way to deliver
an engaging learning experience 

Aula was designed for academics who want to deeply engage students in their learning, but don’t have the time to spend figuring out how to make it work in a digital environment

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A different kind of learning experience

An “astounding” 92% satisfaction score
“At the end of the module, student evaluations said it had been extremely engaging, the sessions had been very interactive, and they were able to learn. Which, to me, was mind-blowing.”
Dr Anthony Olomolaiye
Course Director
“Students can really interact with me and each other. The fact that they are engaging, they’re working and they’re wanting to go and showcase their work to their peers - that’s a strong positive for me. It tells me they’re happy with Aula.”
Rasha Aly

How Aula works

Aula empowers you to create a highly engaging learning experience that works for your students and
subject area by combining easy-to-use technology with learning design coaching.


Our Learning Design Coaches work with you to co-create a module design that is evidence-informed and works for you, your students, and subject area in less than 8 hours.


Aula provides rich editing capabilities, like content drag and drop, video embed, and easy LTI integrations with tools like Panopto, H5P, and BibliU. And, everything you build in Aula is always fully accessible by default.


Regain precious time as students support peers within the learning community, module communications are streamlined, future posts are scheduled, and redundant 1-to-1 emails are eliminated.


Increase engagement and accurately monitor students’ learning with subject-specific interactive questions embedded throughout your module. Easily mark assignments, check for plagiarism, and provide rich feedback to deepen students’ understanding.


Quickly identify struggling students using analytics that combine performance and engagement data. Get a precise understanding of where students need help and take timely action by reaching out to struggling learners directly within the platform.

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