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Today’s digital learning experience is limiting student success

As universities move towards more flexible delivery, creating a learning experience with an engaged learning community has proven critical to student success. But, educators just don't have the time to do it. As a result, universities are limited in their ability to retain and graduate more students every year.


how it works

Technology meets pedagogy

Aula combines easy-to-use technology with evidence-informed learning design to create community-first learning experiences that are as much about meaningful connection as they are about academic challenge.


Eliminating barriers
to connection

Students who feel connected to their learning community are more likely to persist, yet most digital learning platforms create isolated learning experiences. 

Aula fosters meaningful connection by ensuring students are never more than 1 click away from their peers and educators.

4 out of 5

students report feeling easily connected to their learning community via Aula; in comparison to the 43% VLE benchmark (JISC, 2018)
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learning design

Learning design in just 8 hours of educators' time

Educators say it takes 80+ hours to transform a single module into an engaging digital learning experience. 

Aula takes the pain out of learning design by providing one-to-one support for every educator in creating a community-first learning experience in only 8 hours of their time.


of students reported satisfaction with the quality of their learning experience when delivered on Aula
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