We're creating a community-first learning experience

Where the LMS feels like a digital filing cabinet, Aula feels like a great class with an engaged learning community

What does community-first learning feel like?

In contrast to the content-first learning experiences typically delivered via LMS (think downloadable PDFs and lots of slide decks), a community-first learning experience is as much about meaningful connection as it is about academic challenge.
  • Improved Retention
  • Improved Achievement
  • Improved Satisfaction
Significant levels of student interaction
Supportive learning environment
Active learning strategies
Meaningful assessment and feedback

Deliver a truly engaging learning experience

Aula makes it easy for educators to create community-first learning experiences by combining easy-to-use technology with evidence-informed learning design.

Built for connection

Our technology is designed to feel like the platforms people use every day. This is why educators will tell you Aula is easy to use and improves engagement. Unlike the LMS, which buries connection 12 clicks deep, Aula was built to foster meaningful connection by ensuring that students are never more than 1 click away from their learning community.


3 out of 4 students students surveyed at Aula partner institutions said they preferred Aula to other learning platforms
Roadmap and vision


83% of instructors say that using the Aula platform has positively changed their teaching and learning approaches
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Evidence-informed learning design

Educators want to deeply engage their students but often lack the time and resources needed to do that. That’s why Aula provides 1:1 learning design coaching - to scaffold educators’ shift toward community-first learning without requiring them to spend tens of hours in trainings and workshops.


83% of academics say that using the Aula platform has positively changed their teaching and learning approaches
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We are experts in digital learning

Educators are paired with an Aula Learning Design Coach who has expertise in creating engaging learning experiences within the educator’s subject area. The Learning Design Coach meets the educator where they are while helping them to incorporate more high-engagement practices into their personal pedagogy.

Learning Design Coach

  • Develops educator's understanding of community-first learning experiences
  • Co-creates a customised module design
  • Guides effective content creation
  • Prepares educator for delivery
Ensures quality & saves time


  • Attends introductory workshops
  • Co-creates a customised module design
  • Receives personalised delivery training
  • Builds confidence with platform
time invested: 8 hours

“Aula’s learning designers helped me understand the possibilities for teaching in a digital setting. And, having their expert guidance in transforming my module to ensure students get the most out of the experience saved me loads of time in questioning myself and re-engineering.”

Karina McGowan

“Aula is easy to use and saves me time. For my students, Aula has enabled me to create a community-first learning experience where students connect with and support each other.”

Geraint Cunnick
Course Leader

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