Creating an engaged student community with Aula

"I used to get 40, 50 emails from students asking the same thing. Now they post once in Aula and interact with each other. It's much more of a community feel."

Gabby Shiner Hill, Course Leader, Ravensbourne University London

In this 45-minute conversation, Gabby Shiner-Hill, Course Leader at Ravensbourne University London, shares her perspective on what it’s like to deliver the learning experience with Aula and how student engagement and enthusiasm have been impacted.

Recommended highlights:

7:22 - Before and after Aula: how teaching changed when Gabby moved from Moodle to Aula

14:52 - Gabby shares her screen to show a few examples of how she used Aula during lockdown

26:00 - Gabyy shares her screen to show how teaching teams interact within Aula

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