Learning made simple, social, and engaging.

Aula is the digital learning platform that delivers engaging experiences for educators and learners.


Engagement has never been easier

Streamline classroom conversations, learning materials, assessments, and data-driven insights in one simple tool.

Community Feed

Every conversation in one place

Say goodbye to overflowing inboxes, redundant messages, and endless email threads. Communication in Aula is a living social feed. Announcements, community posts, direct messages, and instant groups help everyone stay in the loop.

The Journey

Rich content to immerse your learners

Add text, images, video, voice recordings, code snippets, discussion prompts and more to build rich learning materials in the Journey area. With 3rd party integrations, you can do even more.

Assessment and Feedback

Never miss a learning gap

Assessments can help you get a clearer picture of how well your learners are progressing. With quizzes and seamless integration with Turnitin, Aula helps you understand what’s going on.

Engagement Dashboard

Real-time data to make everyone feel included

Understand what’s happening with your learners between assessments with data-driven insights in the Engagement Dashboard. It’s packed with insights you can use to adapt your approach and catch issues early.

With LTI 1.3 compatibility, Aula can support more of the tools you love

We’re on a mission to make every learning experience engaging

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Case Studies

An innovative platform with real world outcomes

See how our partner institutions have transformed the teaching and learning experience with Aula.

Coventry University

How Aula is improving students' ability to learn

Students at Coventry University talk about their experience with Aula and how the LXP is meeting their learning needs.

Aula vs. Moodle: a student's comparison

Read how Aula helped a final-year student at Ravensbourne communicate with her professors—and why she doesn't want to use any other platform.
Coventry University

How educators & learning coaches work together in Aula

Two educators at Coventry University explain how Aula’s Learning Design Coaches supported them in the rapid redesign of their modules.
“With Moodle, professors just uploaded course documents. Aula offers a more interactive experience that improves our ability to learn: it gave us more engaging ways of learning and connecting with professors.”

Udayan Vassur

Student, Automotive

"I feel like my tutors are more accessible now, which gives me peace of mind. And anyone can post and respond to anybody else—it’s like commenting on Facebook. It brings the learning experience back to a normal community of people interacting."

Lovely Javier

Student, Interior Design
Environment Architectures

"Aula’s biggest benefit so far is its Community feed, which creates more interaction and discussions. The way my modules are set up gives opportunities every week for a student to post on the Community and get some feedback from me or their peers."

Jason Bennet

Assistant Professor

“With Aula, we’ve been able to transform the learning experience so quickly and smoothly that now we have all students and academics on the platform, delivering the kind of quality learning experience we just couldn’t scale with the VLE.”

Andrew Turner

Interim Pro Vice-Chancellor,
Curriculum Design


Common questions about Aula, and the team behind the platform.

Is Aula an LMS?

Like an LMS, Aula is primarily used to organize the digital materials and communications for a module or course.

While a typical LMS (Learning Management System) has a strong focus on storing materials and broadcasting messages to students, we believe the focus should be on creating positive, engaging learning experiences. That's why we refer to our tool as a Learning Experience Platform.

Is Aula backed by pedagogical research?

Aula was developed by learning designers working in close partnership with university educators. The platform is designed to facilitate learning experiences that are active, applied, and inclusive in line pedagogical best practices based on recent research.

We recommend reading our blog for more information on Aula's pedagogical approach.

Can Aula integrate with our other teaching tools?

Aula's LTI 1.3 capability means that Aula can set up to work with a variety of popular educational tools. Some integrations currently used by our partners include Big Blue Button, Engageli, BibliU, Leganto, Planet eStream, H5P, Talis, and more.

Is Aula GDPR compliant?

Aula uses data centres based in Europe and is developed with privacy in mind. For more specific information, reach out to our team via our Contact page.

How can educators and learners access Aula?

Aula can be accessed via our web app using internet most browsers as well as our native apps for IOS and Android.

To login to the web app, click the Sign In button in our main website navigation or click here.

Is Aula owned by the Coventry University Group?

Yes, the Aula platform was officially acquired by the Coventry University Group in January of 2022. You can learn more about this on our About page.

Can other schools and universities use Aula?

Aula is already being used by a number of universities in the UK. While the platform is owned by the Coventry University Group, we're proud to partner with education institutions to further our mission of making every learning experience truly engaging.

Is Aula only for higher education?

No - while Aula is currently primarily being used in higher education, its powerful tools for creating engaging experiences can be applied to other educational settings in the public and private sectors.

What kind of support is there for educators and learners?

In addition to consistently updating the material in the Aula Help Centre, we have a support team spanning multiple time zones to help resolve issues as quickly as possible. We also host occasional events to help you get the most out of Aula.

For more information about our support for educators and students, check out our Resources page.

Can I work at Aula?

We aim to attract the best talent in the edtech industry - especially those who are excited about creating engaging learning experiences with Aula.

For more information and to look for open positions at Aula, check our our Careers page.

Take engagement to a whole new level

Easy conversations. Media rich learning materials. Integrations with your favourite teaching tools. It’s time to ditch those clunky LMS tools and discover simple, social learning with Aula.