Student engagement made easy

Say goodbye to clunky forums, zoned out lectures, redundant emails, and struggling learners hidden in plain sight.

LTI Compatible

Fill the community gap left by your Learning Management System by integrating Aula with the LMS.

A pedagogy of high-engagement practices

Aula makes it easy for you to integrate high-engagement practices (active learning, collaboration, feedback, and teacher presence) into your personal pedagogy so you can efficiently and effectively optimize student engagement in your classes.

Meaningful engagement inside the LMS

Integrating Aula with your LMS takes less than 10 minutes and enables students to easily move between their course materials, learning community, and live sessions. And, unlike other apps that remain LTI 1.1 compatible, Aula is LTI 1.3 compatible which means a more seamless experience for you and your students.
  • Eliminate barriers to connection
  • Get one-to-one 
learning design support