Be you, be Aula.

Working within the Coventry University Group, the Aula team are a remote group of passionate education-shapers based all over the world.

The Aula Mission

Our mission is to make every learning experience truly engaging. Through technology, we nurture inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that education reaches every corner of the world, regardless of background or circumstance.

Our Core Virtues

Where other organisations have values, we have virtues. The difference between virtues and values is that virtues are values in action. We expect from all team members, that our virtues guide behaviour. Leading by example is part of what it means to do well at Aula.

Silly Ambitious

We know that education changes lives, so we take calculated risks, embracing failure to achieve big outcomes. Instead of asking if something’s even possible, we ask ourselves “What would it take?”

Uncomfortably Focused

We starve our distractions and feed our focus. We understand that success at the leading edge of education technology means knowing how to say “No” to good opportunities so we can say “Yes” to great ones.

Transparent by Default

We make good news travel fast, and bad news travel faster. We embrace radical candour in the flow of work, creating a safe environment where everyone feels confident and encouraged to speak truth to power.

About Coventry

A global education organisation with vision for the future

As a member of the Aula team, you'll be contributing to the wider work of the Coventry University Group - an organisation pioneering innovative and inclusive approaches to education around the world.


The resources you need to flourish

Full-time members of the Aula team are employed through the Coventry University Group, giving you the experience of working in a startup culture but with access to enterprise-level benefits.

Competitive salary

28+ Days of annual leave

Access to established pension schemes

Electric car scheme

Cycle to Work (or Leisure) scheme

Access to LinkedIn Learning

Discounts and savings from a range of retailers

Access to benefits may vary by geographical location for team members residing outside of the United Kingdom

Working at Aula has been an incredible journey of both personal and professional growth. On a personal level, I've had the privilege of witnessing the positive impact we're making in education, which has been immensely fulfilling. Professionally, Aula has provided me with opportunities to hone my skills in a dynamic and innovative environment, surrounded by talented individuals who share the same passion for creating meaningful change. The relationships I've built and the continuous learning I've experienced have been truly rewarding.

Jim Liddell

Engineering Team

Working with Aula has helped me boost my data analysis and user experience skills.

Mariana Aguiar

Support Team

My journey at Aula has been an incredible experience of growth and learning, one that has allowed me to develop in a role where I've been granted the freedom to innovate, focus on user needs, and collaborate with exceptional colleagues. The diverse perspectives, creativity, and teamwork has been a great environment to be part of.

J Nielsen

Product Team

Aula is a great collaborative environment where teamwork is a given no matter the pace of the work or the circumstances. This means you can grow in a supportive environment whilst being in a fully remote team which promotes work flexibility and thoughtful async communication practices.

Marina Sideri

Engineering Team

Working with an international team is amazing. Our team is made up of people from different nationalities and life experiences, yet we share a strong bond because we are always there to support one another. It's a wonderful blend of diversity and unity that makes the daily experience enjoyable.

Katia Glass

Support Team

My Aula journey has led me from small JavaScript "gotchas" to thinking about infrastructure scalability and uptimes, from meeting people from all over the world to reflecting about my own biases and priveleges, it has been more than a transformative experience.

Adnan Muslija

Engineering Team

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