We’re on a mission to make learning more engaging

Aula is the learning experience platform that gives educators all the tools they need to make every conversation engaging.

Proudly powered by the Coventry University Group - an innovator in higher education.

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Our Manifesto

We believe that learning is the process of self-transformation, for in the moments we learn, we become something new. Teaching is the art of creating these moments through direction, conversation, and connection.

Through education, we all join in something greater than ourselves, connecting with others to further the flourishing of our society. Through technology, we nurture inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that education reaches every corner of the world, regardless of background or circumstance.

Social, inclusive, and engaging education is not a business advantage. It’s how we change the world.


The Aula Education Ltd is formed as a remote startup

Aula Education formed as a UK-based edtech company on a mission to make digital learning environments truly engaging. Aula rapidly iterated on its learning experience platform, establishing partnerships with universities such as Ravensbourne and the University of the West of Scotland.


Coventry University Group (CUG) partners with Aula Education

In 2018, Aula began its partnership with the Coventry University Group, starting with a small pilot programme. Coventry expanded its use of Aula to tens of thousands of learners across the group and became a key partner in shaping the development of the platform.


CUG acquires the Aula learning experience platform

On 26 January 2022, the Aula platform was officially transferred to the Coventry University Group, along with some key members of the product team. CUG now has oversight of the product roadmap and continues to develop Aula as a powerful tool for digital learning.

About Coventry

A global group with a reputation for innovation

With campuses across the UK and Europe, the Coventry University Group is known for modern, high-quality teaching and learning, outstanding applied research, and positive social impact.

Aula + Coventry

As a digital platform powered by the Coventry University Group, we’re able to stay laser-focused on creating a world-leading teaching and learning experience.

our Why

What motivates the wonderful humans of Aula

We asked our team "What's Aula doing for the world that gets you excited?

At Aula, I'm thrilled by how we're transforming education. Our platform brings educators and students closer, making learning a more interactive and enriching experience. Seeing technology bridge gaps and foster real engagement in classrooms is what truly excites me about what we're doing for the world of education.

Jim Liddell

Engineering Team

I love creating online communities where students can connect with each other and learn from each other.

Mariana Aguiar

Customer Success

Building a high-engagement educational platform is a great motivation to come to work every day. Having being a student myself on various occasions, I love building a platform that makes students’ learning journey more manageable and inclusive. This mission resonates with me as a user but also as an engineer solving challenging problems.

Marina Sideri

Engineering Team

I get excited that Aula values the desire to learn, rather than considering learning as an obligation. It signifies a culture that acknowledges the power of curiosity, intrinsic motivation, and lifelong learning.

J Nielsen

Product Team

What truly fills me with pride about Aula is its commitment to accessibility and the ongoing efforts to continually enhance it. The intention to democratise the learning experience resonates deeply, understanding the importance of inclusivity.

Katia Glass

Customer Success

One thing that always got me excited when talking about Aula is the concept of a digital classroom. While Aula could be used as any other virtual learning environment, the emphasis of community, collaboration and discussion, all in your browser tab, makes the digital classroom an empowering and inclusive concept.

Adnan Muslija

Engineering Team

There's a lot more to learn with Aula

With a blog, Notion database, and extensive help centre articles, there’s so much more to learn about Aula. If you want to know more about what makes us tick, we’ve put together some resources just for you.