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The Help Centre

Tips and tricks to improve your digital experience

This is the one resource every Aula user needs to see. From a basic overview of the platform to advanced techniques for making a truly engaging digital learning experience, the Help Centre is your one-stop-shop for all things teaching and learning with Aula.

Screenshot of the Aula help center showing list of articles under the heading "How can we help?"
Screenshot of the Aula blog with a list articles - one of which titled "A new look for Aula"
The Aula Blog

Get the latest news

Hear from a range of voices in Product Design, Development, Operations, and Support on a range of topics related to teaching and learning. The Aula Blog is the place to hear about the latest product news as well as how Aula is shaping the world of education for the better.


Reach out for help

Feeling stuck? Our Support team are platform rockstars who can help you with everything from getting started to creating materials, leading conversations, publishing assessments and more. Covering a wide range of timezones for quick responses, help is only a click away.

Take engagement to a whole new level

Easy conversations. Media rich learning materials. Integrations with your favourite teaching tools. It’s time to ditch those clunky LMS tools and discover simple, social learning with Aula.