Aula Platform acquired by Coventry University Group

Coventry University Group has acquired Aula Education Ltd’s Learning Experience Platform technology — known as the Aula platform.

Rachael Curzons

CEO & Co-founder at Plot

Coventry University Group has acquired Aula Education Ltd’s Learning Experience Platform technology — known as the Aula platform.

The Aula Learning Experience Platform technology will continue to be called Aula following the transfer of ownership, which took place on 26 January 2022. The university will continue to develop the platform, with key team members from Aula Education Ltd’s product team moving to Coventry University Group to ensure continuity.

Aula Education Ltd has had two distinct products since February 2020. Their first product is their Learning Experience Platform technology, known as Aula, which has now been transferred to Coventry University Group. In February 2020, they began building their second product, to deliver learning experience design for their existing university partners.

The learning experience design product technologies, continue to exist within the Aula Education Ltd company. A small team remains as part of the ongoing business, which will rebrand as Plot ( More information about the business’ next steps will be shared with the public soon.

Coventry University is an innovative UK university and has played a critical part in Aula’s overall success so far, with its students and academics providing feedback to help the development of the platform’s roadmap over the last three years.

Some institutions with students and academics using the Aula platform will continue to use the platform now it is owned by Coventry University Group.

Matthew Sharp, formerly an Engineering Manager at Aula, will be leading the team at Coventry University Group that is continuing to develop the platform. Matt’s team will work across Product Management, Design, Engineering, Support, and Implementation.

Ian Dunn is Provost of Coventry University. Ian says:

“The intention is that we will shape the pace and direction of Aula’s future development to continue to benefit colleagues, academics and students by providing a digital learning platform that meets their changing needs.
We intend to produce a roadmap for further development of the platform and have transferred a small number of Aula colleagues to the Group as part of this process and to help us deliver on Aula’s mission of enabling educators to create engaging learning experiences.
We have enjoyed a successful working relationship with the team at Aula, who enabled us to accelerate its implementation across the University Group to support teaching and learning during the pandemic. We are continuing to work with the team who remain and will look forward to a productive relationship with Plot, as they begin their next chapter developing a new learning experience design product.”

Anders Krohn is CEO and co-founder of Aula Education Ltd. Anders says:

“Our mission was always to empower educators to make every learning experience truly engaging. The Aula platform will now do this under Coventry’s leadership, following the transfer of the platform on 26th January 2022.
Having begun offering learning experience design as a new product in February 2020, it has since become an incredibly exciting space for technology development, especially over the last two years. As a business, Aula Education Ltd will rebrand as Plot, and build a new learning experience design product.
The remaining team working on the Plot learning experience design product believe that Plot is the best way to enable anyone, anywhere to design learning experiences like the world’s best learning experience designer.
We have learned so much from our work with academics and university leadership, and have hugely valued the contributions of all in the sector. We now believe the Aula platform is best-suited to be further developed by Coventry University Group. They are an innovator in this space and have been a critical part of Aula’s success story so far.
I am pleased we have supported those Aula partners who have needed it to offboard from the platform in the best possible way under challenging circumstances. I am thankful to those universities continuing their learning journey on the platform with Coventry at the helm. And, I am also very grateful to Coventry University Group for their ongoing support and forward-thinking attitude towards digital learning.
Finally, I am delighted for those team members who are joining the team of an exciting university at a pivotal moment in its digital learning journey.”

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